Accounting Analyst

  • Profesionales y Técnicos
  • Full time
  • 4 meses -
  • Madrid

Información del trabajo

Descripción del trabajo

What is this about?

As an Accountant Analyst, you will oversee the accounting of the operations in your assigned area, elaborating reports, in order to analyze and systematize the financial and accounting information of the company.

This will include analyzing the accounts to validate the balances, analyze the payments to employees and the accounts related to: payments, incomes and expenses.

What hard skills are required?

Financial Analysis – Quantitative Analysis – Corporate Finance – English C1

-Knowledge about the sector.
-Office expertise.
-Accounting and financial expertise.
Ability to elaborate reports
-Communication skills.
-English level C1 minimum.

What soft skills are required?

-Openness: curious, imaginative, multiple skills.
-Kindness: critical, cooperative, indulgent.
-Extroversion: open, sociable.
Stability: calmed, balanced, peaceful.
Responsibility: hardworking, organized.

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