Global Supply Planner Executive (Temporary)

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Global Supply Planner Executive (Temporary)

Location: Barcelona

To ensure the availability of finished and semi-finished products in the different locations of the network with the quality, cost, stock levels and service required, by means of the Master Production Schedule and the Distribution Requirements Plan, based on the analysis of demand plan, order portfolio, stock policies, production and third parties capacity and critical materials availability. To ensure the definition and implementation of the stock policies to reach the required stock and service levels

Functions and Responsibilities:

To define the global inventory policies aligned with the manufacturing batch policy
To agree the inventory policies and replenishment principles with the local supply planners in the subsidiaries
To calculate the Distribution requirements Plan (DRP) to the Puig stock locations, considering the local sales forecast and the finished products stock policies and to review it with the local supply planner
To carry out the Master Production Schedule (MPS), own or third parties, considering the demand plan, the finished product stock policy and the manufacturing / purchasing policies
To run the Rough Cut Capacity Plan (RCCP) to adapt the MPS results to the manufacturing and key suppliers capacity, identifying capacity risks in the future
To evaluate alternatives and to establish contingency plans to guarantee the availability of key references
To Co-lead the global operational Sales & Operation Plan (S&OP) meeting providing information on: availability risks, capacity constraints, materials requirements and obsolescence
To maintain the level of stocks, in third parties and Puig locations, in agreement with the Group Policies
To reduce stocks of obsolete materials or low rotation, analyzing them and proposing reusability alternatives

To create and launch production orders on the basis of manufacturing batches and supplying policies.
To calculate the Master Plan Schedule (MPS) for each reference, finished and semi-finished, 5s and 6s.
To provide a weekly production plan, own or third parties, based on the capacities/resources available in the mid/long term.
To execute the replenishment orders to the subsidiaries
To prepare Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) scenarios for the S&OP decision making process
To maintain all the needed data in the supporting systems

To monitor and facilitate the stock availability of finished products in all the network tracking all the supply issues
To periodically review the production plan and manage capacity conflicts versus demand in the established time horizons, by agreeing and updating the production plan when necessary
To ensure communication and feedback to DP
To periodically review the production resources capacity usage and critical materials availability
To follow up Real production compared to Planned Production as well as shipments to Puig locations
To ensure the implementation of finished product stock policies for each type of product,
To monitor stock levels and propose action s to keep them in the required levels.


Experience: 1 year in the area of Supply planning.
Education: Bachelor Degree (Engineering, management, economics.)
Languages: English fluent.
Specific Knowledge required: S. Chain Management, Supply Planning (DRP, MPS, MRP, RCCP)

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