Pool Flagger

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Información del trabajo

Descripción del trabajo

To perform flagging and traffic control activities as required for crew operations to facilitate accomplishment of the District’s mission and goals.

REQUIREMENTS: The District expects all employees to provide high quality and reliable service to its customers. To accomplish this, a high standard of professionalism, cooperation, and team effort between individual employees, as well as among all departments, is required. The attached job description details the job functions, skills, knowledge, abilities, experience, training, working conditions, and other requirements to fulfill this position. To be considered a candidate for this position, applicants must meet the requirements contained in the job description.

SELECTION PROCESS: Applicants must complete and submit an application and supplemental information form, along with copies of relevant professional/training certificates. Current Washington State Flagging control certification required.

Candidates’ abilities and qualifications will be evaluated using a cognitive test; supplemental questionnaire; work history; credit, criminal and background check, employment references and recommendations; a valid Washington State-approved flagging and traffic control certification; valid Washington State driver’s license and a safe driving record; education, certifications and training courses completed; and an interview to determine: experience in flagging control activities; communication skills; ability to make decisions; the ability to learn, understand instructions, and solve problems; and other skills and abilities needed to fulfill the requirements of this position.

Based upon these evaluations, District Management will make the selection.

POSITION CLOSING DATE: Applications will be accepted until an adequate pool is obtained.

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