Project researcher (Ref MGMT 2020-14 Aicuris)

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    Remuneración EUR 0-5000 / Mes

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General description
The Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ) is a research centre focusing in the areas of catalysis and renewable energies. In particular, homogeneous catalysis and its applications on the synthesis of bioactive compounds is one of the largest areas of research of the institute, as well as the largest area of collaboration with industry.

ICIQ and the German biotech company AiCuris started recently a new collaboration in the area of medicinal chemistry. The objective of this role is to synthesize new chemical entities for therapeutic ends, and to ultimately deliver high quality small molecule clinical candidates to AiCuris’ pipeline.


The selected candidate will focus on developing and optimizing synthetic procedures, synthesis and purification of novel chemical compounds related to drug discovery projects

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