Senior Rigger

  • Profesionales y Técnicos
  • Full time
  • 4 semanas -
  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Información del trabajo

Descripción del trabajo

We are looking for a Rig Artist and knowedge of Maya to work with us. We would like to find a person involved to help us achieve the best possible result in the animations. We are a small team but growing, with a lot of passion. That is why we are looking for a person capable of taking on challenges, with the ability to adapt and help the rest of the team.
Requisitos mínimos

Perfectly understand how movement is generated (human, mechanical, animal) to be used in the construction of skeletons.Logical thoughts oriented to the solution of problems.Have artistic knowledge to achieve attractive deformations and coherents with the design of the project.
Requisitos deseados

Knowledge of Maya.Design and script utilities / tools / add-ons.
– Junior- Little or no experience.

– MID – minimum 2 projects (2 years minimum), demonstrate fluency.

– Senior – minimum 4 years, demonstrate complete fluency.

High level of English.

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