Solution Architect (Jefe de Oficina)

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  • Barcelona

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Are you thinking of next steps in your career path? You deserve a company that really cares about its talent.

At Allianz, we are looking for a Solution Architect.

Allianz Technology is the internal and unique IT provider of the Allianz Group.

The ideal candidate will prefer the excitement of shaping the technology evolution over following the beaten path and regards highly qualified colleagues not as competition, but as a learning opportunity.

Close collaboration with product owner to design and develop of robotics and automation platforms, including Conversational AI and Robotic Process Automation.
Build up a high performing product team to take ownership and execute the product visión.
Embed automation into procedures and processes to ensure successful audits.
Stay up to date on the latest tools and technologies in relation to process automation an conversational AI.
Drive operational excellence, including high quality reporting and insights.
Undertakes complete design of moderately complex software applications or components applying agreed standards, patterns and tools according to the Allianz blueprint architecture.
Work closely with customers to translate business requirements into technical solutions.
Assume a collaborative role in the internal ecosystem of subject matter experts and AI specialists.
Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, or related technical, math, or scientific field (or equivalent experience).
3+ years of relevant experience in building large scale enterprise IT systems.
Experience in microservice architecture, infrastructure as code, and modern programming languages.
2+ year of public cloud computing experience in AWS and/or Azure.
Strong interest in conversational AI, cognitive and automation services.

At the core of the Group’s strength lies digitalization and its promise of growth opportunities through a ‘digital by default’ strategy. Allianz Technology SE is the principal driver behind transforming Allianz into a digital group – a quest to which nearly 7,500 Allianz Technology SE employees around the globe have committed themselves. Allianz Technology SE equips the Group with the most cutting edge digital solutions in the industry, bringing Allianz to the fingertips of its customers. At Allianz Technology SE , innovation is more than a buzzword; it is the business of the day, every day.

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