Static Security Guard

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Información del trabajo

Descripción del trabajo

Static Security Guard required for NATO contract in Afghanistan – European nationals only (not UK).

PLEASE read criteria before applying.

(This is not a PSD role).

4 years military or previous security experience in hostile environments.
From a NATO country ( Not USA/ UK/ Australian).
Please do not apply if you are not from a NATO country as we will be applying for your NATO clearance if your successful.
Level 2 English which will be tested.
Proficient in using an AK47.
First deployments by 8th October.
Please fill out a full Armour Agent profile and make that you upload copies of passports, license ID cards etc, as well as your Resume.
Ensure that you tick all relevant qualifications in the “General Qualifications” section of your Armour Agent profile (such as Military or Police experience, English proficiency, Physical readiness etc).

Weapon qualifications on AK-47 – Training and testing prior to deployment.
Medical and Dental check – arranged by us.
Local background check.
Must have a NATO Secret Clearance – arranged by employer.
Must be a member of a NATO State.
Shall be a level 2 in English.- Will be tested.
Military experience with honourable discharge, OR four years of equivalent police experience, OR four years of equivalent private security experience.
Screeners shall be proficient at utilizing hand-held metal detectors, a walk-through metal detector, and high throughput personnel inspection systems (Rapid Scan) – Will be trained.
Guards shall be limited to 8 hour shifts not more than 6 days per week to perform guard services (48 hours). Up to 24 additional hours per week are authorized to include time to mount, post and relief as well as training recertification unless otherwise directed by the PCO, ACO, or government authority.
Shall be able to physically perform internal security guard services, at any potential internal security posting, with work shifts that may extend up to 12 hours at the direction of the PCO, ACO, or government authority, often in austere conditions to include extreme, heat, cold, wind, dust, rain or snow, while donning all required personal protective gear.
Salary – $2,500 per month. 30 days unpaid leave per year (all flights included).

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